"GRIEVING FORWARD is the journey of a grieving parent, which combines Susan Duke’s personal story with insight to help any grieving parent. It is filled with well-written and powerful statements of comfort and hope. This is a balanced book that I will be giving as required reading to all the families who come seeking guidance for the worst loss we experience: that of a child."
~ Dr. H. Norman Wright  ~ Grief and certified trauma specialist
Author of Experiencing Grief and Recovering from the Losses of Life

"Sooner or later, every griever asks, 'Is God's grace sufficient?'  Lots of people will offer answers, but GRIEVING FORWARD answers the question clearly from a grieving mother's experience. While I have not lost a son, as a Thanatologist I have walked with countless parents who have. This story rings true, page after page. It's tempting to erect a 'No Trespassing' sign around our grief and to mumble, 'God, this includes You.' Susan does not 'pretty up' grief, but she does talk about a God who companions grievers as they live forward. I am a better person for having read this important memoir.”
~ Harold Ivan Smith ~Thanatologist, American Academy of Bereavement
Author of When You Don't Know What to Say

"Susan Duke courageously marked a path we pray never to take and wish to pretend doesn't exist. But especially following tragedy, without vision the people perish. She has shared her vision toward a new normal and practical steps for along the way. GRIEVING FORWARD paints a redefinition of strength and weakness that provides hope for both those grieving and those supporting them."
~ Bob VandePol ~ President, Crisis Care Network

"Susan Duke's passionate and enthralling story of her journey through grief following the tragic death of her son shows that with time and hard work, God can bless a grieving parent with a full and rewarding life again."
~ Susan J. Zonnebelt-Smeenge, RN, EdD and licensed clinical psychologist,  Robert C. DeVries, DMin, PhD, and Professor Emeritus of Church Education (Coauthors of three books on grief.) 

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                                                          Hope for Hurting Hearts

                                                           When Susan Duke's teenage son was tragically killed,                                                                                 she found herself staggering through the painfully                                                                                      dark and unfamiliar valley of grief. As she faced the                                                                                    most profound challenge of her life, there were                                                                                            moments Susan questioned everything she'd ever                                                                                        believed-even her faith.

                                                           Through enormous struggle and determination,                                                                                            Susan eventually found a pathway out of the "valley                                                                                    of the shadow." By GRIEVING FORWARD-taking                                                                                      small, practical steps to face and process her grief,                                                                                        refusing to let loss keep her from embracing life-                                                                                          Susan experienced God's healing and restoration.                                                                                    
Today Susan is a survivor, her life evidence that meaning and purpose exist beyond loss.
In this deeply personal and compassionate guide, Susan candidly shares the insights she's
gleaned on her journey toward healing. "It's hard to see God's perspective when your heart
has been plowed by pain," she writes. "But broken fields are where seeds of hope grow best."
Though she still copes with loss, Susan also lives with incredible joy.
To all who grieve desperately, she assures:
Hope is alive. Healing will triumph. Here's how.

Grieving Forward TM
"Embracing Life Beyond Loss"
"Embracing Life Beyond Loss"